Jon has extensive experience shooting video news releases (VNRs) for a variety of corporate clients, including Pizza Hut, Johnson & Johnson, and the American Heart Association. One of his larger clients in Dallas was Planet Hollywood, where he would regularly interview movie stars, music artists, and sports figures as they donated movie props or sports paraphernalia to the restaurant.

He also had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of country music artists when shooting VNRs for the Nashville Network program, Hot, Hip and Country.
A partial List of personalities Jon has recorded includes:

Movie StarsSports StarsMusic StarsPoliticians
Sylvester Stallone
Roger StaubachGarth BrooksGeorge Bush II (President)
Arnold SchwarzeneggerNolan RyanToby KeithDick Cheney (Vice President)
Nicolas CageGeorge ForemanTed NugentRoss Perot (Presidential candidate)
Nicollette SheridanRandy WhiteShania TwainWalter Mondale (Vice President)
Cindy CrawfordSteve BeuerleinFaith HillShawn Duffy (US senator WI)
Chris FarleyMichael IrvinTim McGrawJim Doyle (WI gov.)
Bruce WillisEmmitt SmithMichael W. SmithHaley Barbour (former governor)
Buzz AldrinTroy AikmanTerri ClarkMichelle Bachmann (US Rep MN)
Ray LiottaShaquille O’NealPaul BrandtGaylord Nelson (US Senator WI)
Richard CrennaMark CubanJustin TimberlakeDave Obey (US senator WI)
Charlie SheenDennis RodmanTom & Dick Smothersand MANY more I’ve long forgotten…
Lynda Carterand many others…and MANY bands 
The Muppets   
and many more!