Drone:  Jon holds an FAA issued Private Pilot’s license as well as a Remote Pilot (drone) license, so he is fully licensed to operate a drone for commercial purposes.  CCPI also carries drone insurance.

Jimmy Jib Extreme Boom Arm: Portable boom, extendable from 6’ to 30 feet in 6 foot increments.  Jon has been operating jibs since 1993 and is considered an expert at this craft.

He was a jib owner from 1998 through 2016, and though he is no longer an owner, he has access to several jibs in the Twin Cities.

Go Pro Camera: CCPI has several Go Pro cameras for use in situations where a compact camera is required.  This can include the interiors or exteriors of cars, boats, aircraft, or other vehicles as well as any place where mounting a full-size camera is not possible or appropriate.

Schwem Gyrozoom:  This is a gyroscopically stabilized 300mm to 600mm zoom lens that was designed for ENG news crews shooting from helicopters.  It is great for air-to-air, air-to–ground, and boat-to-boat videography or anywhere that a stabilized long lens is required.  Note that it was built for standard definition video chips with a 4×3 aspect ratio, so some cropping adjustments will need to be made for an HD image with a 16x 9 aspect ratio.

Green Screen:  DP Jon C. has over 30 years of experience with green screen shooting. He’s been around long enough to remember when blue screen was the only chroma-keying option, which was later replaced by green screen.  CCPI has a 6’ x 4’ portable green screen as well as a 9’ x 1o’ portable green screen, all allowing head to toe green screen processing.

Aerial work (from helicopters): Jon has shot projects from helicopters using the Tyler nose mount camera system as well as hand-held shooting with the Schwem Gyrozoom.

Innovision Probe Lens:  The probe lens is used for shooting miniatures.  One can get a much better perspective and depth of field with a probe lens. Jon worked as the DP and Lighting Director on all of the live-action segments of the TV show, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and all of these segments were recorded with the Innovision probe lens.  Jon also used the probe lens for a variety of other corporate videos that required a unique worm’s eye point of view.