Over the past thirty plus years, D.P./Cinematographer Jon Cermin has amassed a very diverse range of shooting experience. Clients include agency, broadcast, corporate and Government entities. For a more detailed description of some of theses shooting specialties and experiences, click on the highlighted words.

Shooting projects that involve real estate include an entire season of HGC’s Location! Location! Location!, several segments for Kitchen and Bath, and segments for Holigan Homes’ Discovery Channel show, Your New Home. He has also shot segments for House Hunter, and he shot the pilot show for the Travel Channel’s “Amazing Vacation Homes”. He has also shot various projects for Centex Homes and Centex Mortgage, as well as other miscellaneous projects for banks, contractors, construction equipment vendors and rental property owners.

Jon’s first full time video job started at FlightSafety, International, where he worked as a videographer and one-man production crew. Projects included both linear and interactive training videos for the corporate and government (military) sectors. Jon also holds a private pilot’s license (single engine, land with sUAV/drone endorsement), which is sometimes beneficial on shoots involving technical aviation concepts and/or protocol. Jon also has experience shooting from both fixed wing and rotary wing platforms. Jon is also a licensed drone pilot and records aerial still photography as well as full motion HD video with his drone.

As the son of an M.D. and the spouse of an Orthodontist, Jon has been around the medical industry for most of his life. He has extensive Operating Room surgical shooting experience, primarily with orthognathic, craniofacial and facial reconstructive surgeries. He also has extensive OR experience, shooting a variety of joint implant surgeries and a number of implantable stimulation devices, including gastric, neuro, cardio, deep brain and urinary stimulators. He has covered scheduled surgeries, emergency surgeries and even a cadaver surgery.

Jon has worked on several military contracts both as a freelancer and as a staff employee of a Government contractor. Branches include the Air National Guard, the Air Force, the U. S. Army and the U.S. Post Office. He is also experienced in shooting on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Over the past twenty years, Jon has worked for most broadcast and cable entities, including:

  • Fox News
  • Fox Sports
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • PBS
  • History Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • Travel Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • A&E
  • HGTV
  • Showtime
  • Fine Living Network
  • Learning Channel, to name a few.

A Partial Listing of programs includes episodes of:

  • House Hunters
  • Modern Marvels
  • City Confidential
  • Your New Home
  • Amazing Vacation Homes
  • Location! Location! Location!
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Wednesday Night Fights
  • Health Week
  • Fantasy Camp

Jon learned and honed his interactive shooting skills shooting for FlightSafety, International’s Communications Systems Division. After Leaving FSI, he went on to shoot interactive training programs for the U.S. Army’s missile defense units and aviation units. He has also shot interactive content for the computer gaming industry.

While at AMS Productions in Dallas, Jon did a large number of live shots from both the studio as well as remote truck events. He has also done a number of live shots and/or feeds for live clients since leaving AMS in 2007. Notable jobs over his entire career include covering the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing for Reuters, the Perot Presidential Campaign (including the Larry King interview), various Golf events for the Golf Channel, dozens and dozens of corporate broadcast events, and news events for Fox News, Fox Sports, and CNBC.

Live coverage of media or P.R. events is another one of Jon’s specialties. Clients have included Planet Hollywood, Pizza Hut, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, American Heart Association and Texas Instruments to name a few.

Jon shot nearly all of Ross Perot’s 1996 bid for the Presidency and most of his 1992 bid after he returned to the Presidential race. In fact, in the last part of the 1996 race, he did nothing but shoot infomercials and commercials for Mr. Perot, with only three days off in the last three months of the race! Jon was one of two DPs who was allowed to light Mr. Perot. Jon has also shot spots for District Judges, US Congressmen and a Governor.

Jon has traveled extensively in his 30+ years of professional experience. He has worked in 46 U.S. States, as well as 13 foreign countries. He has a current passport, is familiar with import and export procedures for getting gear into and out of the various foreign countries, and knows how to efficiently pack for travel.

D.P. Jon Cermin has been operating a jib for over 18 years, starting with the Cam Mate, and ultimately purchasing a Stanton Jimmy Jib Extreme in 1998. He has operated for live and taped events for agency, broadcast and corporate clients. Jib projects include ESPN Boxing, ESPN “Out of the Box” show open, Lockheed Joint Strike Fighter Full-Scale Mock-up roll out, Dallas Women’s Museum promo, St. Paul Ice Palace Closing Event (featuring the Bare Naked Ladies), Toyota regional spots, Sleep Experts regional spots, and the Luther Point Bible Camp marketing DVD and many live music and sporting events.

Jon shot the original Jay Jay the Jet Plane show with the Innovision Probe lens when the show was still shot with real models (prior to the show’s concept being purchased and produced by a real-time animation company). He has also shot projects with the lens for various cable show opens, political spots (for Ross Perot) and miscellaneous corporate programs.

Jon has experience shooting film, standard definition video and HD video from helicopters with both the Tyler Nose Mount as well as the Schwem Gyrozoom lens. Jon also owns a Schwem Gyrozoom lens an ala carte rental item. He is also a licensed Private Pilot with a sUAV (drone) license, and his drone is equipped for still photography as well as full motion HD video.

Jon has shot numerous projects on both blue and/or green screen. Projects have included shoots for commercials, video games, and creative corporate projects. He can provide a portable nine-foot wide green screen for your location shoot or can handle lighting and shooting your green screen studio project.

Jon believes that he has been richly blessed by God and believes in giving back to the community and the Church. Consequently, he uses his God-given talents and blessings to provide video production services to 501(c) or Christian non-profit groups who otherwise would not be able to afford video production services.

Jon Has Supported the following entities:

He is also founder and president of a non-profit organization, Combat Aircrews” Preservation Society (CAPS), which records oral histories of military air and ground crews. Transcripts and samples of interviews can be found on the CAPS website.

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