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Glide-Cam Property Tours is your best solution for on-line property walk-through video. These High Definition video tours include both aerial video of the exterior of the property as well as gyroscopically stabilized walk-through video of the property interiors.

Director of Photography Jon Cermin has over 30 years of experience shooting videos for agency, corporate and broadcast entities. He is an FAA licensed drone pilot and his business is incorporated and insured, including drone insurance.

Pricing for walk-through tours start at just $150 plus applicable taxes and mileage. Long format property overview videos are also available; call for pricing.

Top 10 reasons to use Glide-Cam Property Tours for your next walk-through property tour video:

10: Experience: Director of Photography Jon Cermin has been shooting professional video for over 30 years for broadcast, agency and corporate clients in all 50 States and 16 foreign countries. He has shot videos for most major broadcast and cable entities, including shooting segments for “House Hunter” and “Hoarders”.

9. Talent: Jon is an award-winning Director of Photography, with five nationally recognized Telly Awards as well as multiple other awards for his cinematography and videography.

8. Incorporated: This is not a hobby business. Glide-Cam Property Tours is a subsidiary of Cine-Cermin Productions, Inc., an incorporated media company since 1997.

7. Licensed: Jon Cermin is an FAA licensed drone pilot (and Private Pilot). Federal Aviation Administration Rules require that anyone flying drones for commerce are require to be licensed ( FAA Part 107 sUAV). Anyone flying drones for commerce without this licensing is in violation of Federal law.

6. Professional Broadcast Cameras: Jon has a variety of HD cameras to fit the particular situation required. This includes a drone equipped with a 4K camera, a gyroscopically stabilized 4K camera, and two full-raster HD broadcast cameras (Sony PMW-350 and Pannasoic Varicam HD).

5. Professional Support Equipment: All of Jon’s production equipment was made specifically for the broadcast industry. This includes the lighting package, the audio gear, the tripods with fluid heads, the grip gear and all the expendables.

4. Variety and Value: Jon can offer simple two-minute walk-through tours starting at just $150 plus taxes and mileage or documentary-style long format home tours starting at $600 per finished minute (plus taxes), including interviews with the architects, interior designers and/or owners.

3. Insurance: Jon’s company is insured for general liability, workman’s comp and drone accidents. If your current video company hasn’t offered to name you as “loss payee” on their insurance policy, they may not have insurance coverage when they come to do your shoot.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed: When you hire Glide-Cam Property Tours, you are not paying for excuses. You are paying for a professionally produced video segment. Jon Cermin is the sole Owner-Operator of Glide-Cam Property Tours and the buck stops with him.

1. Glide Cam Property Tours Owner/Operator Jon Cermin is a Baby Boomer! He is NOT a Millennium. He actually answers his cell phone (as well as respond to a text). He is also eager to work early morning hours and provide excellent customer service.

Call Jon Cermin today for a quote on your next video property tour: 651-208-HDTV(4388)

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Glide-Cam property tours can offer you a variety of video options to market your real estate properties, from aerial photography to still photography, to video pans of each room, to glide-cam walk through tours, to full blown news style video documentatries.

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Jon Cermin
Cell Phone: 651-208-HDTV (4388)

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Cine-Cermin Productions Inc.
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